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    Masters Hats & Visors

    Masters hats are the must-have item every year. Whether you're looking for a dated 2018 Masters hat or a Masters gift for a friend, these top of the line hats and visors are exactly what you need! 

    Styles that are soft caps, like baseball caps, include Dated, Undated, and Trucker styles. The Ladies cap is also soft like a baseball cap, but fitted and styled for a lady's head. The structured hats have a stiffener in the panel above the bill to the button on top. Performance Tech hats and vintage styles are growing in popularity year after year, as Augusta National continues to offer more styles and varieties.

    The regular visors are taller above the bill, have a buckle to adjust and sit higher on the head. The low rider visors are more narrow in height, have a Velcro fastener in the back, and sit lower on the forehead. The ladies visor is U-shaped with regular size bill for ladies visors.

    The Straw hat remains the best coverage from the sun on the face and neck. It continues to be popular.